Leo Horowitz, Co-Founder

About Leo, our Co-Founder

Leo Horowitz is Co-Founder of Container Seal Project Partners and Eye Seal. He has joined forces with the founder of BMB Metals in developing Eye Seal, a groundbreaking new product to identify container cargo theft that received a US patent in 201?. The company is self funded and expected to go to market sometime in 2018.

In addition to his recent involvement with CSPP and the Eye Seal project, Leo serves as President of Coremet Trading, Inc., a metals trading company based out of New York since 1988. Before starting his own business, Leo was with Phillip Brothers, an international commodities trading group, from 1974 to 1988.

During his years with Coremet and Phillip Brothers, besides trading and administrative responsibilities, Leo became intimately familiar with international container shipping and logistics, which are part and parcel of the commodities trading business.

Leo has also served on the Board of Directors of his local synagogue for the past 15 years. Leo has a bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College, part of the New York City CUNY system